CSTV11BI Wireless Digital Tire Pressure Monitor System for m


Wireless Digital Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) with  Real Time monitor and automatic Alarm (12V)

4 wireless waterproof Internal sensors  
Best sold TPMS for Ebay, Amazon in China
Working voltage: 3V
Working current: 100uA
Tire pressure monitoring range: 100-1300kpa
Tire temperature monitoring range: -30 °C to +80 °C
Tire pressure monitoring accuracy: ± 10kpa
Tire temperature monitoring accuracy: ± 3 °C
Bluetooth operating frequency: 2.4GHz
Display: APP
Response time: ≤ 5s
Battery life: ≈400 days
Wireless Car TPMS
Bluetooth Car Tire pressure Monitoring intelligent display
Wireless TPMS 12V Real Time Digital Tire Pressure Monitor System Tire Pressure Alarm internal Sensors
Bluetooth TPMS 12V Real Time Tire Pressure Alarm internal Sensors
Working humidity: 95% MAX
Waterpoof class: IP67
Sleep current: 2.2uA
Working temperature: -30 °C to + 80 °C
Bluetooth Transmit Power: 0dbm MAX
Processor: 8-bit MCU / S08 core, ARM M0
Capacity: 330mAh (internal)
Battery life: 5-8 years(internal)
Weight: 30g ± 1g (internal)
Working temperature: -40°C~ +85°C(internal)
Storage temperature: -45°C~ +125°C (internal)
Freescale TPMS with waterproof sensors
Black solar power internal TPMS
Car tire temperature and pressure alarm
Car Tire Pressure Monitoring Intelligent System 
High precision TPMS with waterproof sensors
Stable TPMS with waterproof sensors