CST19I Solar Charging Car TPMS with HD Digital LCD Display


Solar Charging,Tire Pressure Monitoring System, HD Digital LCD display 4x internal Sensors

4x internal Sensors
1, Leakage warning
2, Low pressure warning
3, High pressure warning
4, High temperature warning
5, Low power warning
6, No signal warning
7, Low power of receiver
This system is suitable for all vehicle which maximum pressure of tire no more than 8 bar, like cars
Commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, jeeps and minibuses.
Suggest to check and change valve followed every year, in order to prevent leakage of tire
Solar Charging, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, HD Digital LCD TPMS 4x internal Sensors
Parameter of receiver
Operating Voltage: 3.7-5V 
Operating temperature: -20C-75C
Bright operating current: <10mA
RF Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz +/- 50KHz
Display: LCD color screen
Storage temperature: -30C-80C
Black operating current: <3 mA
RF signal reception sensitivity:-90dbm
Key/port description:
1, Left select key: select key of menu
2, Menu key: long press into menu setting
3, Right select key: select key of menu
4, Power port: connect power cable when charging
Display Icon explanation:
Solar power icon
High temperature warning icon
Low pressure warning icon
Current tire temperature values
U/S: Units Setup
Low power of sensor icon
TPMS alarm icon
No signal warning icon
Current tire pressure values
P/T: pressure threshold
LID: learn ID
Leakage warning icon
High pressure warning icon
Battery status of receiver
T/T Temperature threshold
DE.: Default setup
Solar tire pressure monitoring system
Solar TPMS with 4 internal sensors
Best quality solar TPMS with 4x internal Sensors