Multi-functional UV Sterilization Box MU003A

Disposable faceMask now is expensive, acturelly if there are no viruses on, it can be reused.
but how to kill the virus easily and conveniently, here is the solution
Multifunction ultraviolet Sterilizer Box,Sterilization Case
why called multifunction, because it can not only sterilize viruses also can add essential oil
and wireless charge your cellphone
Antivirus Method :LED lamp beads ultraviolet light
Powerful clean in only 5 minutes
USB powered
Ultraviolet wavelength: 320nm+275nm
Input: DC / 5V,  2A
Work efficiency: MAX9W       
Lamp beads: 8 pieces
Alarm voice when complete
Fragrance flavoring
360 degrees no dead corner disinfection
Right for the disinfection of:
Cellphone, Keys, Glasses,Toothbrush,
Face Mask,Jewelry, Makeup Tools, …….
Unit size: 
Unit Giftbox: 
175 * 102 * 30mm
Unit Weight: 363 g
Color: white 
Carton size 49.5X46X28cm
Gross weight (kg):13kgs
Net weight (kg):12kgs
Quantity: 40 sets (one box)
it is easy to use, the way as below:
1, Connect to USB power
2, put the FaceMask or cellphone... into it
3, press sterilize button
4, done, it works
you can also add essential oil into, and press the incense button, it works
More description, see attachment
Certificate:  CE, ROHS,FCC
can ship to USA,Europe,  it is not in the line of  class II medical products